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ATK associates is one of the leading financial consulting service provider. We are into providing consulting service in mutual funds,tax planning, health assurance and life insurance.

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Financial Planning & Investments

Make your money work smarter ! Financial planning is not only for the super rich, anyone who aspires to have a financially secure life must consider a Financial Plan. It is your roadmap to meeting all your personal aspirations through a planned fund flow, afterall the whole point of earning money is for it to meet your dreams & aspirations.

Let us also not forget the uncertainities !!


Tax Planning

As a wise man once said .. "The only certainities in life are - Death & Taxes".

A well planned investment basket must stand on the tripod of: Risk Mitigation - Return Optimzation - Tax Efficiency.

Make the most of all available tax benefits for making most tax efficient investments. The best time to plan your taxes is NOW, not at the end of the year .. Talk to us now !!


Health Insurance

A healthcare emergency could derail the best laid plans, unless you are prepared !!

An appropriate and adequate health insurance cover not only provides financial support at the time of an adverse emergency but also allows significant peace of mind in such a situaiton. Don't wait for a tragdy to make you realize this need, call us now !!